Idea of ​​starting a business with least capital 2018

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However, dirty coffee has caused anxiety. Therefore, need to do image – brand, commitment to the source of clear. Yes

Make and sell handmade items.
If you feel you can be handy, can make products that are unique, attractive, not hit, then try to make handmade business to earn more.

For the idea to make handmade products, you can refer to the handmade website or abroad in Vietnam through the google search engine. Remember to see the handmade products I have ever seen, feel impressed – and try to find out, do it again.

On the news channel, the fastest performance at almost zero cost is your personal Facebook channel. After you finish the product, you capture and post on the personal page, poll from friends. In addition, you should create a fanpage to post information about your handmade products.

Besides the price, the factor that creates success is the unique, attractive and impressive product. So you should carefully select the product and choose the product suitable, favorite.

Accessories – fashion accessories Fashion
items and accessories always attract young people to welcome. The key to success in this field is that you have to be keen, catch the fashion trend. You have to update regularly the latest trends and tastes of customers to update the product accordingly, attract customers.

In addition, the problem you need to care about is the source. At the wholesale, large markets, sewing workshops – you can find information online to find suppliers with good prices. Or if you have a lot of money, you can place large quantities directly with the sample code required by you.

Effective channel for accessories – fashion is still the social network facebook. Combined with the promotion through the classified sites, e-commerce transaction platform …

Providing food – drinking water
Trends for online users, using online services increasingly, so the field of providing food – drinking water at home or work online is becoming extremely hot .

With a small amount of money, you can go to the menu of fast food – easy to make, the dishes themselves prepared. Stay with the facebook social network, you take pictures of food information – drinks so that users can contact direct order. You should update product information continuously, update the feedback of customers on the fanpage.

In addition, if the number of food products – drinking water, you can make a professional website with direct ordering menu on the website for users to follow and order.

Delivery is also an important issue to be handled to be able to latch the order is better and make a good impression to the user.

Trading in portable products The
advantages of portable products are: Quality according to foreign standards, unique products may not yet available in the country, competitive prices …

However, you need to identify the following issues when planning to trade portable products: Quantities sufficient to run a single sale? Quality products? Is the cost after deducting the appropriate costs incurred?

To trade in portable products, you can contact overseas acquaintances directly to buy goods transferred in the country. Or you place your order on e-commerce sites abroad, then use the international shipping service to Vietnam for shipping goods back home.

Often portable products are sold through popular online channels such as: shop website, facebook channel, ecommerce trading platform, forum – blog … Because of the main selling focus online channel, you need to save Note:

Provide information about shop and product in a transparent, accurate and honest manner.
Product image should be taken seriously, because there is a decisive factor in ordering the key.
Always put prestige on the top, because customers after the purchase often buy more times later.
Need to build sales process, warranty, exchange, transport … tight
Select the appropriate advertising channels, monitor the effectiveness of each campaign – each channel to have reasonable investment approach.
Products – services targeted to children
The quality of life is increasing, each modern family has a small number of children, 1-2 children. Therefore, parents are willing to spend money to buy products for their pet. In addition to the products are indispensable for children such as clothes, towels, cheeses, milk, oil … products for children play, beauty are also many parents care such as toys for children, books trolley, cart, dairy pump, nasal cooler … Because of the extremely high profits, the field of providing children’s products is quite competitive. great.

To do business in this field, you can choose to offer all products or select niche products, specific. To save money, you should make a website, sell online, or sell directly on facebook. Products need only warehouse to focus products and arrange shipping, delivery. You should take the time to learn about the supply, to list the vendors you offer, to look at the market price thoroughly before making an investment decision.

Buyers are the parents, so besides choosing the product because of price competition, the issue is placed on the top priority is the quality of products to ensure absolute safety for children. Therefore each product should be stored in the best possible environment; products of clear origin – origin; Products with expiry date – warranty; The product is guided in detail – the right way … And customer service during and after purchase is also important factors decide customers become close customers of shop …

Start up the field of agriculture, provide green
food Dirty food is a problem, causing concern for users. So the start-up trend in the field of agriculture, the supply of green food will be the trend for start-ups in the coming time.

Consumers have a tendency to choose foods of natural origin, of proven origin, certified by the authorities. Beside that, consumers often choose the food by family acquaintances, relatives produce.

If there is a lot of time, users tend to carry out gardening, planting. Therefore, the business sector provides equipment for planting and gardening; provide seeds, fertilizer; or lease the land so that the user can plant, care and use.

Takeaway coffee business
Urban life is increasingly scarce, so users also have the needs of increasing convenience. So, the takeaway coffee business is thriving. Office workers in the central area, can take a cup of coffee takeaway at extremely uncomfortable price. They can buy coffee in the office or sit on the sidewalk, drink fast to work.

However, dirty coffee has caused the user to be worried. Therefore, need to do image – brand, commitment to the source of clear. Built in place to create trust in the user. In addition to customer service – sales, quality coffee products will help you have close customers and business development.

Purchase used, second hand Used second
hand used items that you can do business such as:

Electrical appliances such as computers, telephones
Electrical appliances, refrigerators: TVs, refrigerators, electric cookers, electric rice cookers, washing machines, vitamins …
Seasonal supplies such as vacuum milk, walker, machine …
With the old, you should choose items you have the most experience to know the best purchasing options and decide on the price – buy accordingly.

About the source, you can buy through the classifieds, e-commerce sites. In addition, you can enter electrical items from abroad to provide.

Selling, you can sell facebook channel, make website for sale, post through classified sites, website trading eCommerce … You should have clear warranty period, Warranty, transportation, installation clear to the user peace of mind when choosing.

Decoration services – Banquet, Event
Services Decoration services – Banquet, especially wedding organization and decoration services are becoming more and more popular. Couples tend to invest more for their big day to be impressed and different. Families want their children’s parties or parties to be invested and organized with new creativity and preparation through service companies.

To start a business with a party or event decoration service, you need to have experience in this field, by referring to organizational ideas from overseas, evolving from existing ideas. be prepared, or think new, unique forms. You need to set up some of the available organizational scenarios to advise clients before making the final implementation.

Therefore, besides getting ideas and organizational planning, you need a team to do the work of preparing and implementing ideas so that the events of the customer are as complete.

With this product and service, in order to reach potential customers via online channel, you should build website to provide information, implemented projects, ideas and blogs to provide knowledge. Advise users alongside promoting on the facebook channel through the fanpage, conducting SEO to increase search rankings.