How to make facebook marketing effective?

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Selling on facebook now has so much to go to see Facebook marketing everywhere. However, you know how to marketing on facebook effective or not? Analysis to see how to effectively marketing facebook with .

Facebook is holding the top spot in social networks with 1.15 billion users. With such large data, Facebook has become a potential market for marketers, making it the easiest and fastest way to bring their products to customers. But marketing on facebook as to how to achieve the most effective not everyone knows, here are some useful notes to make the best facebook marketing .

  • Impressed by Profile, Fanpage

Tip from Sapo, you can encourage customers to hit “like” with small awards such as coupon, sample, 3 months free software for the first “like”, the 1000th, 2000 ” Like, “… In addition, you can add value as free software games for fans, for example.

  • Use your personal page to market

The Facebook page is where people share thoughts and update their activities. Make this your own bulletin board so that people with easy access to the campaign you are doing. But to do that or make sure your personal page is “clean”. I do not believe in spam, do not comment spam, no offensive images or inappropriate status. Imagine your personal page as your outer appearance, making sure it’s engaging with customers you can successfully reach out to.

In addition to this, it’s a good idea to take care of your personal pages, such as how you take care of yourself daily, always meticulous, careful and attentive to the form. Advertising should not be too long, short but concise, convey enough content. At the same time, it must also get attention, do not let your personal page faint on facebook. And, when you share, label or post your ad, it should be noted so that it is not labeled spam, causing discomfort.

  • Make sure everyone reads the article

Facebook maketing has a set of rights to view what you share. Make sure you always choose publicity so anyone can see it. This is even more meaningful if you participate in many groups, all members of that group can read the news that you post on their homepage. Can you imagine how big this relationship is? So, always open publicly for shared content.


In your day, investing in content on your fanpage and personal pages, you need to have an effective content strategy to lead the community back to the end goal of having a conversion rate. High.

  • Facebook Marketing must regularly update status

The status bar is a communication tool that helps you communicate your messages and marketing content. Make the most of your friendships in facebook. But also note the content of the state, avoid mentioning the sensitive issue or tend to advocate, attack an action, individual or organization.

  • Run your facebook ad campaign

Facebook has powerful advertising tools for you, just use international payment cards to run campaigns based on this tool. Your site will be featured in the ad, anyone can join the facebook is readable. At 1.15 billion people, how high is the reach, while the cost is much smaller than other advertising services. If you do not know, you can refer to the optimal advertising contract offline.

  • Design applications for marketing facebook

Facebook is not just a social network information sharing but also a lot of other entertainment applications. You can use your brand to create a separate application, not complicated but must hit the crowd psychology. The spillover effect will make your application more powerful, which also means that the brand is better known.

  • Use the “Sponsor Stories”

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced a new form of advertising through the “Sponsor Stories” function. This item will display the activity of everyone in the friendlist at a fixed location on the page. This function is free and you can take advantage of this function to advertise, inform the friend of the person who “likes” your page.

  • Measure the effectiveness of Facebook marketing

Measure every activity you have done on Facebook like fan counts, conversion metrics, activities, loyalty, etc. Perform regular measurements to help you better understand your fans and have better strategies. for the next activities. An effective tool will help you get accurate figures. False measurement will greatly affect the direction and planning of future activities. Some tools also let you know what your competitors are doing on Facebook.

  • Efficient use of collected data

The data collected is not only for activities on Facebook in particular but also can be used for all other marketing activities. Your goal is not to attract more Facebook fans but to motivate them to buy and use the goods and services you offer. Take advantage of the opportunity to market, understand and meet the needs of your customers.

Facebook is a potential market, make good use of the opportunities it brings to implement its Facebook Marketing strategy.