4 skills required by an online salesman

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With the advantages: no time limit, workspace; low operating costs; unlimited scalability, … online business can be considered as fertile land for those who are looking for startup ideas. But first of all, when you are involved in a new field, you have to know what you need to know to be able to make a detailed plan for yourself.

Entrepreneur puts forth four skills an online merchant needs to succeed.

Website technology

The most basic knowledge about the website, domain name, hosting … will save you a huge cost for hiring the service of website design sales. And even if you are hired, that knowledge will help you not be cut due to ignorance. In fact, buying a domain name, hiring a web host, or even designing a website is no longer too much in the present day. Online sales platforms have more and more web sales templates, ecommerce integration for you to choose from. Self-managing website sales will be much more active than having to rely on others.


SEO is putting your site on top of Goolgle. Whether you sell on the website or on facebook, SEO is also a marketing channel to bring the most customers to your store. By the customers who come from SEO, the search engines come to your online store by typing a keyword related to the product you are selling, as the customers are available to your needs. You must be serious and aware of the importance of SEO. It is no different from brand competition.

Content creation

Marketing by telling stories is a great way to attract customers when you are a freelancer. Share your stories of your business, your life, your experience, your knowledge of the product you are selling, or even an interesting photo you capture. A good story that makes the reader interactive will create a connection with you and your customers, as well as your customers’ friends. Content is the first platform for you to have close customers for your store.
“Content is the key to the success of online sales today,” says Entrepreneur. Once your content is appealing, full, accurate and useful, it will build credibility and trust, and help many people feel secure when shopping online through the webiste. yours.”

Paid ads

Learn about paid advertising tools such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads so you can budget your business accordingly. When running an ad campaign, you need to research and understand. Who is your customer, where you live, what age, male or female, and what are your hobbies? You will reach the right customers with your buying needs, thereby improving your advertising effectiveness and cost savings.
With these skills in place, managing your online sales will be easier. However, in order to be successful you have to really provide a good, quality product for the user. Because of this, new product quality is the root of success.